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What is the Playground?

This is where you come to get inspired, to create your best work, and be your best self. Jolly jam-packed with rabbit holes that serve your Soul, say hello to a better place to scroll!

Why this Matters

It's important that you take full responsibility for the content you consume, and for how and where you spend your most valuable assets... your time and attention.

Major social platforms are like McDonalds... popular, convenient, everywhere, but not your healthiest option, and folks running them don't really give a sh!t about you. 

The Art of Seeing Playground is like serving yourself some local, organic goodness, from farmers who actually care. We are committed to providing you with a nourishing alternative for your creative persuasions. 

There's no unsolicited ads, and no one monetising you. Just a collection of soulful characters who share meaningfully and understand the value of self-development, creativity and connection.

Make no mistake, you vote for the future with the money you spend today, and the communities you choose to support.

About Us

We are a group of people dedicated to…
Leaving things better than we found them
Creating before we consume
Seeing the Beauty
Being better humans

We meet on the Playground…
A membership platform full of delights
An incubator of authenticity
A community hotspot
Your ultimate creative haven

Together, we…
Drop the excuses
Share our art
Support each other
See the world differently

Meet Pete

Pete's the Pirate in charge around here, and the creative spearhead of this circus-coloured train.

From orphanages to the Obamas, monks to drunks, Simon Sinek to the screens of Cannes, Pete is a visual poet whose lens has seen more than its fair share of splendour.

With a talent for seeing things differently, and a passion for helping people get out of their own way, he will amplify your creative adventures as he generously deals out decades of experience.

How to Play


Get access to endless inspiration
Enjoy high quality and highly curated content
Participate in weekly challenges
Elevate your creativity
Get meaningful feedback
+ Bucket list ideas and life hacks
Be part of a kick-ass community
Discover more beauty in your everyday
Love life... more!

*Comes with a FREE 7 day trial, so treat yourself to a little tasting. 

Why Join?

This is your creative playground to get motivated and to get meaningful sh!t done... professionally and personally.

We serve up daily doses of inspiration that will expand your perspectives, and weekly activities that will ignite your artistic fire.

You'll discover how to get out of your own way using creativity and actively learn amidst a soul-forward community from all over the planet.

Next Steps

Take full advantage of your free 7-day trial by clicking on the Playground Pass below. Your circus-coloured adventure will begin immediately... 🚂🌈

Email Pranita (our Balinese beauty), and get loved-up ❤️!
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